Mini Plan Sifter

Purpose: To separate mixed particle sizes through one machine

Mini Sifter Complete

Mini Sifter Complete


  • Very course
  • Course
  • Medium
  • Fine


  1. Utilized where granular, flowery and powder like products are produced (with low moisture content)
  2. Popular in the food industry i.e. Production of:
    • Mielie meal
    • Cake flour
    • Bread flour
    • Rice
    • Soya
    • Animal feed
  3. Other industries which may benefit from the mini are:
    • Chemical
    • Explosives
    • Mining
    • Rubber
    • Plastics
  4. Most industries, where size reduction takes place

The machine consists of three major components i.e.

  1. Inner frames, also known as the clothing frames
  2. Outer sieve boxes
  3. Drive unit
  1. Inner Clothing Frames
    • Fabricated from high quality timber
    • Lined with hard wearing formica
    • Accommodates the brushes, backing wire and the screen
    • The brushes promote self cleaning
  2. SAM_1414d

  3. Outer sieve boxes
    • Fabricated from high quality timber
    • Internally lined with hard wearing Formica
    • Accommodates the aluminum skid plates, and forms the flow passages
    • The inner clothing frames fit neatly into the outer boxes
  4. SAM_1419e

  5. Complete plan sifter box
  6. DSCF68663b11

  7. Drive Unit
    • Fabricated from mild steel plate (or stainless steel pending customer requirement)
    • Accommodates the motor (0,75kw) bearing housing and fly wheel (belt driven)
    • The outer sieve boxes fit snugly on top of the drive unit
    • This unit creates the circular motion
  8. Assembly
    • The drive init and sieve boxes are suspended in a square tubing frame utilizing canes


  • Product enters at the top of sieve boxes
  • Utilizing gravity, it then flows through the boxes to exit below
  • After entering, the product flows over the screens, also known as covers
  • The particle, larger than the screen aperture, flows over to the next screen
  • That which is smaller than the aperture falls through onto the aluminium skid plate, from where it is channeled out or onto a finer screen
  • The process is repeated, numerous times in so doing obtaining maximum efficiency
  • Spout fittings below, provide access for obtaining samples of the sieved product


Mini Sifter Complete

Mini Sifter Complete


The mini plan sifter is a non-complicated machine with low maintenance, suitable for industries where size reduction is executed

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